BSA- Sanction Automation Specialist, Bankers Toolbox, Inc.
Tim has licensed AML and Sanctions Interdiction Software to over 1400 financial institutions since 1994. Tim is an expert on OFAC/Sanctions Issues and has addressed OFAC and BSA issues at conferences throughout the United States. Tim has published articles on Sanctions Compliance. Tim is the current chairperson of ACAMS’ Sanction Task Force and was a member of the ACAMS’ Certification Exam Task Force. Tim is a board member of the West Coast AML Forum and was a member of a working group formed by the United Nation’s Al-Qaida Taliban Sanctions monitoring team. At the request of the US Department of State, Tim addressed an EU-US Workshop on Financial Sanctions and Terrorist Financing in Vienna, Austria. Tim has provided training for the OCC and Federal Reserve Bank’s BSA/AML specialists on OFAC and BSA compliance technologies. Tim was a member of the ABA’s BSA – OFAC Working Group on OFAC Examination Procedures. Tim has been a faculty member of NACHA’s Payments Institute. Post 9/11, Tim consulted with the FBI on interdict software capabilities within the financial institution marketplace.

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