Director of Fraud Consulting Ltd.
Darren is the director of Fraud Consulting Ltd, which was incorporated in July 2009 to provide vendor neutral fraud consultancy services to clients covering financial services, banking, telecommunications, insurance industries and public sector bodies, both in the UK and internationally. A frequent speaker and contributor to forums such as The Fraud Advisory Panel, IAFCI and The Fraud Prevention Forum, Darren has established himself as a domain expert and specialist on technical, data, and software solutions for fraud risk issues with specific expertise in data sharing, identity management, originations and payments fraud, and fraud risk for online transactions & payments. Darren sits on the editorial board for e-finance & Payments Law & Policy (Cecile Park Publishing). Having worked extensively with international credit bureaux and payment service providers, Darren is also an advisor for the CSCSS (Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science) and in April 2012 he founded & launched #TheFraudTube as a news and information resource for the counter-fraud community, where he is the chief editor and regular blogger.

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