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Hybrid Threat Finance (HTF) Targeting: A Surgical Approach To Reduce False Positives in AML Screening[:de]Hybrid Threat Finance (HTF) Targeting:A Surgical Approach To Reduce False Positives in AML Screening

Date:  Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Time:  12:00PM – 1:00PM EST | 5:00PM – 6:00PM GMT

Terrorists, narco- and human traffickers, transnational organized crime, and cyber criminals engage in a variety of financial activities to ensure their cash flows: shell organizations, donations, extortion, kidnapping, counterfeiting, and fraud, to name just a few. As an AML compliance officer, you are supposed to curtail money laundering, the practice underpinning all of these activities.

This is not an easy task. Many compliance officers struggle with a high percentage of false positives associated with insufficient AML transaction monitoring and overly-broad monitoring rules. One approach to tackle this is a “surgical rules based” approach targeting specific crime typologies and specific threat organizations, and, on the other hand, integration of AML and fraud efforts.

This webinar covers

  • Inefficiencies in AML associated with relying on insufficient screening methods and overly-broad monitoring rules leading to a high-percentage of false positives.
  • Integration of Fraud and AML; plus the ability of KYC/CDD and AML to “talk to each other”;
  • Specific typologies and tradecraft associated with terrorism, foreign hostile human intelligence (HUMINT), drug trafficking, human trafficking, and trade based money laundering (TBML);
  • Specific threat organizations such as Hezbollah, Sinaloa, al Qaeda, DAESH, and Pakistani ISI.



60 minutes



Joshua Fruth

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Joshua Fruth
AML Director of HTF Solutions

Mr. Fruth is a law enforcement and intelligence subject matter expert with a background conducting a wide range of national security, criminal, and corporate investigations.His caseload has included violent crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, and gang violence; the trafficking of humans, weapons, and narcotics; and a variety of financial crimes including money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud, tax evasion, and sanctions violations.

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